Don't BREAK Your Spring!
Ease into your spring workouts.

Ease into your spring workouts.

Every spring for 13 years, it never fails when we hit April.

Runners running for the first time in 5-6 months end up hurting their ankles and knees. The reasons are endless but I think we can all agree that if falls into a couple of categories;

  • guys looking to get buff for vacation

  • ladies looking to slim down for that August wedding

Often there is this rush to solve those aches and pains of the winter too quickly. People will invest their tax return into a few massages to heal that old back injury in 1 hour.

If I had five bucks for every time I saw this scenario, I could retire.

Give Your SPRING a Break

Like the majority of Canadians, I love spring. We get out of our cocoons and head outdoors to patios, parks and pools. Inevitably people want to pick up where they left off last summer. Try to remember how much time has passed since your last workout. Ease into it.

Inevitably people become self conscious when they try on that new bathing suit; make a sensible plan, you’ve got 12 weeks before summer hits. You’ve got time even if you think you don’t.

Resist the urge to push too hard, if you don’t you’ll wind up on my table.

Be smart and don’t break your spring!

End Type 2 Diabetes!

Another report has been published and again the outlook is poor.

Type 2 diabetes continues to rise within the population, continues to cost the system millions of dollars and continues to spread suffering and death in its wake.

Type 2 diabetes is the number 1 reason for adult amputation and number 2 reason for adult blindness. This isn’t “my sugar is a little high.” this is a five alarm fire and we need to bring all the trucks to save us.

Go on the Offensive

In a very fundamental way, this catastrophe is very avoidable and here’s how;

Eat fewer carbohydrates and move more!

I realize that’s a very general formula so here are some specifics:

Don’t eat more than 100g of carbs in a 24hr period

Move for 30 consecutive minutes doing something. It can be anything from walking to dance to fitness youtube videos to anything that keeps you moving for 30 continuous minutes.

That in and of itself will prevent about 30% of type 2 diabetic cases. If you have a mild case, this is likely what can reverse it.

Let’s get serious, we can turn this around, let’s do it.

Guy Razy
Avoid Back Pain, Strengthen Your Hamstrings

I’ve seen a rash of low backs recently and after correcting the bulging disc, I’ve strengthened the hamstrings. This has lead to nothing but good outcomes.

Here’s the training protocol;

  • bridges

  • kb swings

  • ball ham curls

  • nordic curls

  • lunges

  • deadlifts

  • eccentric step downs

  • pull throughs.

This will explode your hamstrings and hit most of the rest of the body. You will quickly strengthen your glutes, abs, erectors and quads and make the so called core strong.

Move around, at odd angles, with resistance and learn to strengthen your body.

Guy RazyComment
Take Control of Your Health!

Its time! We need to take control of our health!

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress. To some degree non-native electromagnetic radiation, fasting, friendship, sunlight, nutrient timing, forest bathing and the rest of the more esoteric health practices which have evidence of healthful benefits but can’t be the main pillar of our health regimen.

  • The government won’t help us.

  • Medicine and Pharma only play a role once you’re sick.

Why not do what you were built for?

  • Hike,

  • Sprint

  • Swim

  • Lift, throw, haul, crawl, fight (you get the idea)

You can do it, hell you were built for it.

You can reclaim your natural body and the health, vigor and the exuberance than comes with it.

The road is long and is beset on all sides with comfy beds, all you can eat buffets, high stress jobs and social isolation.

Move. Eat. Sleep, it’s not that complicated.

You can do this, you got this!

There are many guides pointing to the heavenly glory. Don’t focus on a finger, look at the stars and play among them.

Guy Razy