The king of lifts!

Deadlifting is the most functional of all exercises and often fought about.  

Numerous mechanical tricks exist to maximize leverage based on body size, proportions and levers.  

Fundamentally, it's about lifting something heavy off the ground.  

As is often the case, the most common error is the rounded back. DON’T DO IT!  

4 things you can do to help yourself; 

  1. Train from the rack or blocks 
  2. Train deficits 
  3. Accessories to strengthen your lumbar and thoracic extension 
  4. Physiotherapy to maximize alignment and motor control 

Keeping your erectors fully engaged while in an erect posture and with a neutral spine will let you lift with your glutes and hamstrings weights you never imagined possible. Push the earth away and feel the bar rise.  

Guy Razy