How to start life in fitness


How to start life in fitness

Many patients have approached me and asked about how to start a life in fitness.

The answer at the beginning is simple, DO ANYTHING. Walk 30min everyday, join a zumba class, do 20 min of elliptical, go to a yoga class, go to crossfit, join a running group, it doesn’t matter.

Habit is the hardest part of this and any other lifestyle change. You can know everything about the mechanics of the ankle if you never run it doesn’t means much to your daily life. Now, I’ve been in and around competitive fitness for 25 years so my experience is vastly different from an adult who is just starting out.

The 2 factors that seem to maximize beginner adult exercisers for more than 1 year are

  1. Community involvement

  2. Goals

If either of these speak to you consider looking for them. Crossfit took the fitness world by storm by having both community and goals and maybe a modified crossfit approach is where you want to start. Many yoga, powerlifting and olympic weightlifting clubs have some communal and big goal aspects. Running clubs would also fall into this category. Training by yourself with a youtube video of someone who is 15 years further down the road than you isn’t for everyone.

Further, endorphins and the feelings associated with the rush of exercise are among the greatest motivators. It can take beginners some time to find this place. Primarily they can’t work hard enough to reach the point where endorphins are triggered. What should be attempted if getting to an endorphin hit is the goal is; 20-60 min of continuous exercise at 70-80% of predicted max heart rate. This is not the only way but likely the simplest. Normally, this level of work forces a shift in body chemistry which can only exist with an endorphin rush.

Either way, stay safe, get good coaching and train hard.

Guy Razy