The grinding of iron and steel. Nothing quite compares to powerlifting when it comes to getting big weights moving and the elation of success.  

Given the extreme forces powerlifters expose themselves to minimizing injury becomes paramount. Unlike other sports where an injury is annoying time off, a powerlifting injury can end the ability to practice all sports.  

Worshiping at the altar of the goddess of form is the basis of all things. Spend time trying conventional and sumo, raw, wrapped and suited. Try all the different variants of powerlifting before settling on your type of training.  

Get a coach. Not someone who has a certificate necessarily but a real proper coach who has trained a team of powerlifters for years.  

Spend your time under the bar. Squat hard. Bench hard. Get your mind and body accustomed to the hard work and generating tension.  

Eat big, sleep big and the rest will follow.  

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern. It can be done for rest and for strength.  

Most westerners who grew up in a heavily furnitured life have lost the ability to squat. Begin practicing. Work on Ido Portal’s Squat Routine. Open your hips, hold your knees open and keep your spine straight. If you think you’re doing it right, stand 2 inches (5cm) from a wall and squat. If your knees or nose touches the wall, you’re too far forward. Develop the ability to hold yourself rigidly.  

Every single time you squat, the bar, 135 or any weight at all, rigidly adhere to proper form. It will help you long term.  

Guy Razy