Canoe rowing

canoe rowing

Part of the camping experience (at least in Canada) is canoeing across a lake or along a river, portaging and other recreational use of a canoe.

Many report low back, mid back and shoulder pain after a few hours of paddling. This is due to a few factors:

1- You're not a regular paddler. Similarly to going to the gym for the first time in a while and then hitting it hard, you simply over work the muscles you are using.

2- Your technique is terrible. Unless you’ve been coached, you don’t know how to efficiently go through the movement.

3- You pick hard courses. I’ve seen many people after a spring thaw weekend come in with busted up shoulders and mid backs who went canoeing the very first weekend they could and due to the excessive water and stronger current, hurt themselves and missed on many easy weeks.

4- You’re weak. Canoeing, particularly with multiple ppl in the canoe, a dog, a tent and supplies requires formidable upper body strength and rotational control.

Thus seeing a physiotherapist, athletic therapist or kinesiologist can really help prevent injuries a few weeks out and get you back into shape so when the time is right, you can go out and get into nature.

Guy Razy