Diabetes Part 2


The main problem with diabetes is a dysregulation of sugar response. The near constant supply of sugar overwhelms the hormonal response and causes long-term damage to multiple systems. This results in heart disease, stroke, amputation, blindness and early death. Attacking type 2 diabetes should be an important part of your health plan if you are a diabetic.  

Now, always consult your doctor before undertaking an intervention. We are altering hormonal profiles here and as such your health can be profoundly affected.  

If you have mild type 2 diabetes with glucose in the 7-11 ng/dl range, take a solid weekend and fast. That means, do not consume food. Do not consume caloric beverages. Have water, green tea and black coffee. Do this for 2-3 days. It will be VERY difficult but it will result in a vastly improved hormonal profile as your insulin, leptin, ghrelin and other hormones related to satiety will reset. From here if you adopt a sensible low carb diet with exercise you can easily prevent any long-term damage from the diabetes. 

Now, if your glucose is 12-20ng/dl, adopting a low carb diet (total daily carbs below 100g and below 75g would be even better)  is your best dietary bet. It would be very difficult to maintain a multiday fast and could bring on a health crisis, so I would advise against it. Several months of low carb eating with moderate exercise will reverse diabetes. It will be longer and slower but as your glucose gets healthier you can become more aggressive with your application.  

Now, if you are heavily medicated and have fasting blood glucose >20ng/dl, you must low carb diet and exercise. There is no wiggle room. Join a pool. At the open hours walk for 60 min in chest high water 6 days/week. This is a requirement. People with lower blood glucose have more room for play but at this point we are in a health crisis and we must adhere to a strict protocol. Carbs must be limited to 100g per day and an overall hypocaloric meal plan must be adopted. Getting the hormones under control is of paramount importance, otherwise these dysregulations can destroy other organ systems and create horrible living conditions.  

I understand keto dieting, paleo dieting, Atkins dieting, etc is not for everyone long-term. I am not asking for a long-term adoption. I am asking for 3-6 months so we can aggressively get this problem under control. Combine it with low-moderate intensity exercise such as 60 min of walking or easy biking or moderate intensity weight training. It will get better. I’ve seen it many times, it just takes discipline.  

Guy Razy