Lose the Carbs, Gain Control

Taking control of what you eat can keep you out of the hospital.

Taking control of what you eat can keep you out of the hospital.

I live on a different planet sometimes (okay most of the time). Most of my friends are in health, fitness or some aspect of high performance. The overwhelming majority swear by paleo, low-carb, keto or a variant in that world. I know a handful of vegetarians but most actively track their nutrition.

The Challenge

Then I meet a real estate agent at a BNI group, just any average person and was reminded of a sobering fact. Most people are on a eat everything/anything diet, no restrictions, no supplements, no meal timing. Without being judgemental or harsh I want to take them by the lapels and tell them to wake up and that they are setting themselves up for a potential health crisis.

Why it Matters

Then I also remembered that 70% of Canadians are overweight or obese. 25% are type 2 diabetic and 7.1% of Canadians have Alzheimer’s. All of these disease have 0.6-0.8 correlation with eating a high carbohydrate diet

The Solution

Cut your carbs to below 80g/day and replace it evenly with protein and fat. Of course everyone’s metabolism is different so you will have to tinker with the macros until you find what works best for you. Be warned, the first week will be miserable. The best way to overcome this obstacle to success is to be prepared. Start your new eating habit (notice I didn’t say diet) on a Thursday or Friday so you can transition over the weekend and be well adapted by Monday, ready to take on the week.

Given the strong correlation with what we eat and horrible diseases such as: diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and more, we need to control what we eat in order to give ourselves better odds of enjoying good health and vitality well into our golden years.

To sum up, lose the carbs and gain control of your health!

PS (for those of you who are trying to build lean muscle, and who isn’t)

Get a Crock-Pot and a George Foreman grill.


Because you hate to cook and you need to. Fill the crock pot with any roast or fish and all the leaves and roots you can stuff in it. Then add some spices and let the thing run. You will have epic stews, soups, roasts and chilis which will make your gains easy.

Take some meat or fish, add spices, throw it on the grill.

Slam out 26 of your 28 meals.


Guy Razy