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Do You Know Squat?
Get to know your squat!

Get to know your squat!

Everyone’s favorite exercise,the squat. Queen of lifting, glorious in her reign. It’s the fundamental movement pattern of every 8 month old.

The muscle builder with so many variants that entire books on them have been written. Few exercises have caused so much consternation and confusion.

The fact that the average westerner can’t even get into the squat position and that the average athlete can’t hold it for more than 3-5 minutes demonstrates how far we’ve come from our ancestors a few generations back who could stay in squat 30-90 minutes at a time.

Even current day humans, living in Asia and Africa (far from the comfortable western world) find themselves in that position daily. I still recall the first time I saw someone waiting for a bus and talking on the phone, in a full squat. They even hobbled over a bit to make room for a passerby.

Know Squat!

Start by practicing the goblet box squat and doing som thoracic mobility work.

When that gets easier, start getting down for time. You will be shocked to find how disconcerting it is to be at the bottom for more than 30 seconds. Your back, hips, knees and ankles will let you know they are not accustomed to this movement despite your protest that you can squat at will. You never did work at the bottom.

Your first goal should be to get 10 full minutes a day in bottom. This was popularized by Ido Portal and definitely demonstrated a weakness in a lot of “fit” people’s game.

Once you get comfortable start walking in bottom, doing thoracic work, knee and ankle work. You’ll be amazed how different even something like a sots press is compared to a standing press.

Learn to squat heavy, deep, often and sit in the squat. It will only help you.

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