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Activate Your Muscles!
Muscle pain can be serious, get it checked!

Muscle pain can be serious, get it checked!

Getting a muscle to fire is a complex process. It requires nerves, muscles, fascia, bones, tendons and ligaments all be a tightly coordinated bundle with everything in alignment, and even then, sometimes things go wrong.

Here’s the Science

Once acetylcholine bridges the gap between the muscle and the nerve, a chemical reaction occurs, and the motor unit contracts the muscle. Making sure the motor units fire in sequence, recruit muscles evenly and give sensory feedback is part of a rehab professionals job. They can be; physiotherapists, osteo therapists, massage therapists or acupuncturists, but they need to make sure the nerves are firing correctly.

What We Know

Our understanding of the central and especially peripheral neurology is poor on a good day. Not much research has been devoted to this area and most of our dollars wind up in orthopedic research. Retraining the muscles to fire properly typically involves hours of training to get the sequence to pattern correctly.

What to Do

If your muscles aren’t working correctly or you have strange or impaired sensation, get it checked out. It might by an easy fix by a therapist.