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Miss Being Able to Move?
You can move pain free without surgery.

You can move pain free without surgery.

When speaking with my patients I’m often shocked at the level of physical limitations they accept for themselves. Many patients have not been able to reach overhead, or to turn their heads to see their blind spot, some haven’t been able to pick up a pen off the ground, for a decade or more!

 Get Moving, Pain FREE!

 This unfortunate situation is rarely caused by degeneration or trauma. The cause is usually joints which are out of alignment. The good news is, in most cases, these misaligned and jammed up joints could be restored to nearly full function with a little work.

 I had one severe case where a woman in her 80s was slated for a shoulder surgery and as a last resort her daughter brought her to me. After a careful assessment I performed a forceful glide of the humerus in the cavity. This immediately corrected the main problem; she was delighted to cancel her surgery! Five sessions of physio later and she was living a nearly pain-free and drug free life after suffering for years with pain. This was caused, partially, because of poorly done physio, osteo and chiro.

 Pain = Damage (fix the damage)

 I don’t blame the other rehab specialists. They did the best they could but when someone presents with a mechanical derangement or dysfunction, addressing pain is a poor long-term strategy. Pain is typically the consequence of damage

 These days I’m asking my patients more and more as we reach the end of treating a specific problem; “Hey, how are you at reaching the back seat of the car?” or “How are you at holding a squat for 1 min?” Most of them have no idea.

 Treat Yourself

 If you are moderately athletic, here are some movements you want to be able to do to ensure you have adequate function and prevent the need for treatment:

  1. pull ups

  2. squat

  3. lunge

  4. thoracic rot

  5. ball toss

 Let’s take a look at some of these exercises in our next article.