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The SECRET to Success!
What’s your secret to success?

What’s your secret to success?

Today on YouTube you can load up on an infinite amount of psych up speeches, motivational music tracks, and all the mindset work you can handle.

Is this stuff useful even helpful? Of course, there days we all need an attitudinal “pick me up”

Here’s the Secret

Here’s the secret many of my clients tell me and is of utmost importance when you want to take on a more active and assertive role in your own life. It could be as a businessperson, a coach, an athlete, a parent or any other kind of role.

This secret is discipline. I wasn’t even aware of how disciplined I was until my fiancé recently remarked that she has never seen me, even once miss my alarm or hit the snooze button. Between how my parents raised me and the lifestyle I chose, discipline was baked into my psyche. Come to think of it, a few years ago while working 14 hour shifts for three weeks in a row, I probably did hit snooze a few times. Towards the end I wasn’t a great person and needed to find extra minutes of sleep.

Seriously though, this conversation got me talking to clients and friends and I discovered that many of us hit the snooze button a little too much. Almost all need music, coffee, stimulants and a lot of self-talk to take on an 8-hour day. I’m taking on 12-hour days, on the regular, with nothing but a cup of coffee and pure aggression. I honestly had no idea this was abnormal.

“The harder you are on yourself the easier life will be on you.”

Author unknown.

Discipline yourself and your life will be better. Keep in mind, this is a 1% game. You don’t go from lazy guy on the couch to world champion MMA fighter in a week, it took George St. Pierre 15 years to get there.

Simple Tip

  • Get up 15min earlier

  • Drink 1 cup of coffee less

  • Work 1 hour more

  • Get to the gym 1 extra time this week

  • Do it!

Success is about trying harder and more frequently than anyone else and learning from your failures. If you don’t try more things than anyone else the likelihood that you win is less. Pick which habits you want to work on and set 15 min aside and get it done.

“Discipline builds empires and unconstrained hedonism builds swamps.”

Find a story in your ancestry that is told at every major get together, that uncle who fought in the war, that grandparent who started a business in a new country, remember the people you come from and who had less lived a disciplined life and achieved more. If they did it; you can do it too.

I believe in your power, now you have to!