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STOP Being Weak!


Weak shoulders, weak spines, weak knees, they’re everywhere!

The solution is simple, not necessarily easy but simple, ready, here it is;

Go to the gym!

  • Lift all the weights.

  • Eat all the proteins.

  • Get all the sleep.

  • Pain stops.

Just Get Strong

If you can’t imagine a scenario where you might need to lift over 50lbs, let me help you:

  1. lifting your baby, its car seat, a diaper bag and 3 bags of groceries

  2. Your child asks you for a photo of you from when you were a their age and you need to find that box of photos buried in the basement behind some of old furniture that weighs a ton (or more than 50 lbs.)

  3. Your buddy from college is moving to another city and asked you for help in exchange for pizza.

  4. Lifting the couch to get the dog toy.

  5. Lifting the winter/summer tires for your car.

Do you see how often we need a basic level of strength?
How, if we are weak, it is so easy to get injured?

By building a certain minimum level of strength you can protect yourself from a host of injuries that occur when we exert ourselves a little beyond our current capacity.

Stop being weak and get strong, it may be what’s standing between you and chronic pain and injury.