Take Control of Your Health!


Its time! We need to take control of our health!

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress. To some degree non-native electromagnetic radiation, fasting, friendship, sunlight, nutrient timing, forest bathing and the rest of the more esoteric health practices which have evidence of healthful benefits but can’t be the main pillar of our health regimen.

  • The government won’t help us.

  • Medicine and Pharma only play a role once you’re sick.

Why not do what you were built for?

  • Hike,

  • Sprint

  • Swim

  • Lift, throw, haul, crawl, fight (you get the idea)

You can do it, hell you were built for it.

You can reclaim your natural body and the health, vigor and the exuberance than comes with it.

The road is long and is beset on all sides with comfy beds, all you can eat buffets, high stress jobs and social isolation.

Move. Eat. Sleep, it’s not that complicated.

You can do this, you got this!

There are many guides pointing to the heavenly glory. Don’t focus on a finger, look at the stars and play among them.

Guy Razy