Time Management 

How are you managing your time?

How are you managing your time?

Every single physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, massotherapist and kinesiologist has heard from patients (PLURAL) daily, “I don’t have the time”.  

I find this incredibly disingenuous most of the time. I was a full time student, working 3 days/week with 1 dying grandparent and a parent in the hospital and a significant other. I still managed to hit the gym; not the best workouts but still made it.  

I was writing my thesis and working full time, still managed to hit the gym.  

I am currently working 65-75 hours a week in my own business, I still manage to hit the gym. My workouts may no longer be of national or international level quality but I can still do them.  

When I ask a patient with rotator cuff issues to take 8 minutes out of their day three times to complete a series of exercise at every meal and I’m told it's impossible, I hear about fear, poor time management and social stigma to break the perceived norm. Your pain has already brought you to rehab. Your pain has already altered your behavior. Why not rehab completely and simply do your prescribed exercises? 

Guy Razy