When to get therapy?


This comes up often enough. When should I seek out therapy? I’ve had people wheeled in 2 hours after blowing up their knee and had people show up 8 years after an accident. Both expect improvement.

The ideal time to come for treatment is 3 days to 3 weeks after the injury. If it’s just a nagging pain then 3-6 weeks after it begins. The pain has to be persistent enough that it affects your life. At that point assessments of physiological and anatomical function occur and a treatment plan or radiology can occur.

A manual and exercise therapeutic approach at this times seems to provide the best overall outcomes so a therapist who spends the bulk of their time on electrical modalities won’t be doing you any favours. Instead focus on biomechanics, increasing or decreasing range as required, increasing strength, motor control and endurance. This seems to be the best overall strategy in outpatient orthopedics. Other strategies do work but not as efficiently.

Find yourself a great manual therapist and feel better.

Guy Razy