Strongman: How to prevent spinal injury.

Strongman Spinal Stability

Strongman is a brutal sport. Enormous loads are moved through space and time in ways most people can only imagine. Bracing and holding the spine in space against load becomes incredibly important. Learning how to brace using the abs and a belt is a skill that must be taken to the next level.  

Contracting the abs, lats, erectors and glutes to hold the spine in space and minimize disc slippage or facet joint derangement is of the utmost importance. One loose piece under a few hundred pounds and very quickly, the human spine will let you know.  

The gradual increase in loads, proper sleep and proper nutrition also helps maintain the elasticity of the discs and thickens the bones and ligaments.  

All of this together helps the spine fight torquing against gravity and load.  

Guy Razy