Guy Razy


MSc Pht, BKin


Guy’s approach focuses on mechanical realignment and strengthening. His background as an athlete for over 25 years combined with 13 years in rehabilitation in both the public and private sectors have lead him to believe that most patients need strength and mobility rapidly applied to the problem to relieve pain and prevent the issue from occurring again. He gives home exercise programs focused on correcting limitation or weakness that led to the original misalignment in an effort to prevent reoccurrence.

He also focuses on type 2 diabetes, a disease which is the leading cause of adult blindness and amputation. Using nutritional and exercise interventions, many cases can be reversed and Guy helps patients reach a diabetes free life with this lifestyle approach. 
He has a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a Masters in Physiotherapy. He has his expertise in the McKenzie and Mulligan approaches which heavily rely on mechanical understandings and mobilizations. He’ll focus on getting you back on the field of play- cause that’s where the winning is done.